TechnoFlex Pipe

Flexible corrugated tubes/hoses from thermoplastics for the automotive industry


  • Automatic control/robot systems
  • Manufacture of agricultural machinery
  • Engineering construction
  • Medical engineering
  • Commercial vehicle industry
  • Shipbuilding

Raw Material

  • PE-LD

(Material characteristics on request)

Model no.DNOutside diameter da (mm)Inside diameter di (mm)Bending radius (mm)Coil length (m)Color
1418N1418,814,3> 2550 mOpagueMore info
1721N1721,216,4> 2550ClearMore info
2328N2328,522,6> 3050ClearMore info
2937G2934,529,0> 4025GrijsMore info
3745G3742,336,7> 5025GreyMore info
4854G5054,047,2> 6025GrijsMore info

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