Code of Conduct Conex Holland B.V.

The norms and values within Conex Holland B.V. must be recognizable in the manner in which we offer our daily services, both externally towards our customers, partners and suppliers and internally towards our colleagues.

This is described with due care and attention in The Code of Conduct and with it, we substantiate our Corporate Social Responsibility. Conex Holland b.v. endorses the norms, values, and rules of conduct documented in this Code and we also expect the employees to do the same. All Conex employees must know this Code of Conduct.

Conex Holland B.V.’s vision of running a business is based on trust, mutual values, norms, and objectives. The overview below provides an insight into our vision:

  1. Respect for the diversity among employees

People differ in talent, aptitude, and character and these differences create a team whereby every employee can contribute constructively to the provided services.
Conex encourages each employee to continue to develop himself/herself, to act as an example for others and to strive towards a successful working relationship. Moreover, Conex ensures a good learning culture and a pleasant atmosphere of open and honest communication and mutual respect.

  1. Customers, suppliers, and competitors

Conex communicates and treats its daily relations with suppliers, customers, as well as competitors, with integrity. This is reflected by not carrying out dishonest or misleading activities, by never making unfounded or unnecessary statements about a competitor’s product, by being clear to suppliers what we expect of them and that they should endorse the principles of our code of conduct and at the same time comply with legislation regarding agreements with competitors.

  1. International relationships

We are aware of our obligation to act in accordance with the legitimate interests of the countries in which we are active. We comply with all legislation and regulations and respect the legal customs of these countries. Our objective is to give a good example wherever we are active.

  1. Business gifts and payments

Conex employees may offer existing or potential customers or partners gifts, meals or a form of entertainment, as long as they are not excessive or inappropriate.
Our business decisions are always made on the basis of merit. We will therefore never offer a representative of a (potential) customer anything of value in order to influence that representative’s decision.
Our employees may not accept a gift, a favor, a loan, a special service, of whatever nature, from any individual or organization doing business with Conex, without management’s permission.

  1. Health and safety

Conex strives to create a safe and healthy working environment for all employees, customers, visitors, partners, and suppliers. It is every employee’s responsibility to comply with the company’s policy and procedures with regard to health and safety.

  1. Environment

Conex wishes to treat the environment with due care and responsibly. We strive continuously to minimize the hazardous effects of our activities on the environment with socially responsible, scientifically founded and economically sensible methods.

  1. Contributions to people and society

It is important to Conex to contribute towards society and it encourages its employees to participate in constructive activities for people and society.

  1. Conflicting interests

Conex has a simple policy with regard to conflicting interests among the employees: Do not compete with Conex activities and make sure that all your actions will never be influenced or appear to be influenced by your personal interests or those of your family.

  1. Bookkeeping

Our bookkeeping must state all transaction items and must also reflect all our own standards regarding an honest portrayal of the facts.