About us

Conex has been renowned in the world of installations since the first half of the last century. The first patent for the well-known green Conex wire connector dates as far back as 1924. Needless to say, a lot has changed since then. For example, push-in terminals are sold these days under the trusted Conex brand in addition to wire connectors. But one very important thing has not changed throughout the years: Conex continues to represent reliable quality in the 21st century too. Conex is therefore still the only logical choice for true professionals. Conex Holland has been supplying products to the professional world of installations since 1930. In the meantime, our wire connectors have grown into a quality product used by the majority of installation engineers. Over the years Conex has also started focusing on selling other products as a result of which the organization has grown into a specialist for installation engineers.

Conex Holland B.V. also runs multiple agencies for different A-brands.


Conex manufactures wire connectors  and welding clamps, We  sell our products to our large network of wholesalers in the Benelux. Conex supplies a wide range of robust, reliable and safe to use products. Our objective, therefore, is aimed at offering a wide range of high-quality electrotechnical products to make an electrotechnical installation engineer’s work easier, more efficient and safer.


The screw-on  wire connector is the original product of Conex and was invented by Christiaan Hendrik Jasper in 1924 at that time made of porcelain, but nowadays high-quality materials are used for the production. From the inside the product has  also undergone a significant development. The Conex screw-on wire connector  is a quality product that is durable and where fitting is a trouble-free operation.

The Conex pipe sleeves are very flexible, allowing pipes to be easily retracted. Our casings are strong, light in weight and available in various versions.

Conex Holland supplies welding clips and push-in terminals with a maximum clamping strength, so that safety is ensured. The connectors are transparent, so that the wire is visible. In addition, they are universal and suitable for all kinds of different wire types and thicknesses.


Conex Holland is a Dutch company which was founded in 1930 by the van Gelderen family. Charles Herder took the company over in the early sixties. His son, Ralph Herder, has been managing the company since 1994 and Henk Vriesema acquired the shares in 2008.


In January 2019, new owners took over all the shares and continued to further professionalize of the company, partly by expanding the product range with quality products. Both as the producer as well as an agency for selected A-brands.

Our office is located in Hengelo, where product development and part of the production take place. Also here located is our service- and sales center. Conex Holland is the market leader in the Netherlands in the sale of screw-on connectors and our products are widely available through a very large distribution network of technical wholesalers in the Benelux.